Abdullin Nurlan Muhanovich

Singer, Honoured activist of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Azizov Fakhraddin Seifaddin oglu

Poet, writer of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Dorofeeva Irina Arkadyevna

Singer, honored artist of the Republic of Belarus, senior lecturer in the arts department of the Belorussian state university of culture and arts

Erznkyan Ervand Davidovich

Composer, conductor, Honoured Artist of the Republic of Armenia, President of "Armauthor", the Authors' Council of the non-governmental Organization for the management of authors' rights and neighbouring rights holders

Kerimi Siyavush Ashraf ogly

Composer, Honored Artist of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Rector of the National Conservatory of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Krutoy Igor Yakovlevich

Composer, Honored artist of the Russian Federation

Lemesheva Maria Nokolaevna

Editor-in-Chief of the Russian version of the magazine "The Hollywood Reporter"

Molchan Oleg Vladimirovich

Composer, producer, chairman of the Authors' Board of the Centre for Collective Rights Management of the State Institution "National Centre for Intellectual Property"

Sadykova Salamat

Singer, Honored Artist of Kyrgyzstan and Republic of Kazakhstan

Khodikyan Carine Kimovna

Playwright, writer, publicist of the Republic of Armenia

Chotonov Mamasharip Mamytovich

Rector of the Kyrgyz State University of Culture and Arts named after B. Beishenalieva

Yskakbai Maral Yskakbaiuly

Author, chairman of the Council of Authors of the Republic Public Association, "The Kazakh Authors' Society"