The main objective of CRSEA is to consolidate and coordinate the efforts of the members of the association, aimed at improving data exchange processes, technical support, protection of the rights and interests of the right holders, both at the international and national levels.

CRSEA sets the following objectives:

  • Establish and improve information exchange among members of the association on the issues falling within the scope of collective rights management;
  • Protect any objects of authors’ rights and/or related rights;
  • Represent the interests of right holders in national and international bodies on the issues relating to the sphere of collective rights management;
  • Ensure the effective functioning of the mechanism for the collection and distribution of remuneration for the right holders;
  • develop and implement unified standards for the management of authors’ and/or related rights, as well as to monitor their observance in the territories of operation of the members of the Association;
  • assist in the establishment and development of collective management organizations in countries where such organizations do not function effectively;
  • Increase transparency, openness of members in relations with right holders.