Experts from 30 countries will discuss intellectual property management at IPQuorum 2019


The experts from 30 countries will discuss the key problems of the Russian, European and Asian economies at IPQuorum, the international forum on intellectual property, which will be held on April 10-12 in Kaliningrad.

“Over 1.5 thousand experts from 30 countries of the world will discuss urgent problems of various branches of Russian, European and Asian economies through the prism of intellectual property”, – told the Organizing Committee of the forum. The leading foreign and Russian experts will present specific cases and assess the possibilities of using the intellectual property tools to address pressing issues in the socio-economic field.

Within the framework of the business program the participants will consider the issues of legislative activity, technological development, the human role in the process of social and economic transformation, the impact of the level of human capital development on the qualitative changes in the life of society. The experts will also discuss the transformation of markets under the influence of megatrends, the formation of new intellectual property items and intangible assets and their introduction into the market.

The thematic program of the forum will cover the main areas that actively accumulate various intellectual property items: music, films and animation, literature, media, architecture, urban studies and various types of design, digital technologies and game industry, biotechnology, agro-industry, science, etc.

The key agenda of the forum will be considered in three categories: “People and Human Capital”, “Law and Technology”, “Money, Markets and Values”. The program will cover the main areas that actively accumulate various intellectual property items.

Several thematic spaces will be opened within the forum: along with the business area, IPQLAB (applied educational), IPQCULTFEST (cultural and entertainment) and IPQFAIR (exhibition) areas will operate at the same time. Each of the platforms will be available not only to the forum participants, but also to residents and guests of the Kaliningrad region.

The forum is organized by IPChain Association, the Confederation of Rightholders’ Societies of Europe and Asia and the Federation of Intellectual Property.